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What's it worth on eBay?

What's it worth on eBay? (eValuator) helps you estimate item value, by analyzing the completed listings on eBay and extracting the prices of successfully sold items.
It will give you the Median price (which is more accurate than the simple average) with and without shipping, the net profit after fees and the price range
. The powerful analytics screen will show you the auction prices by day of week to plan your sales for top revenues and display the price distribution in a chart.

Please try the free version (Android and iOS) before buying the paid one. They are identical, except for the ads.

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My GPS Photo Map

Map-based photo browser, allowing you to track your pictures on an interactive world map. Re-live your travels and re-dicover moments long forgotten.

The app utilizes the GPS position stored in the picture's EXIF-tag to display the pictures on world map, you might already know from Google Maps. Places with plenty of pictures are grouped for better navigation and you can search from places by their name. A very simple to use photo travel diary.

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eBay (R) is a registered trademark of eBay Inc. This program is a private project and is in no way related to eBay Inc., 

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